Our dedicated staff of Macro Cut provide demonstrations by appointment, formulas to see how a cutting system can save your business time and money and offer lifetime 360° after sale machine support! We work with you to learn about your business to provide you the best solution to suit your applications.

Incorporating Hypertherm Plasma systems, Macro Cut CNC cutting systems come in variety of different table sizes, are packed with features and have the ability and power to cut many different applications in
different settings depending on your selections and personal operating requirements.

Macro Cut
The Intecut HT is the perfect CNC cutting edition to your workplace, saving you time and money! The HT operates at high speed at 10,000mm per minute with great precision and can cut up to 25mm depending on the size of the plasma machine paired.

Its highly durable single welded steel structure is suitable for large scale works and continuous cutting. Paired with a large control screen at 17inch, drawings and plans are easily seen and navigation is clear.

To allow the maximum effeciency and potential in our Macro Cut systems we swear by pairing Hypertherm plasma machines to all CNC systems. We also stock all consumables for Hypertherm!

Manufactured in the United States, Hypertherm  Powermax systems are handheld or mechanized plasma systems for cutting and gouging metal. Plasma is created when gas isionized by electrical energy. Inside the Powermax systems, its intense heat (up to 22,000° C) is used to melt metal. Compressed air or nitrogen blows the molten metal away, leaving a clean edge that’s ready to weld in most cases.

Hypertherm technology is stateof-the-art allowing it’s consumersto deliver faster speeds and high quality cuts. Easy to operate machinery with simple controls, high portability and a stable arc allows even beginners to operate.


Extensive training and knowledge of the industry


Lifetime after sales support. On-site technicians when required for repair or servicing.


360 machine support. 40 years of experience


Formulas to show you how to work smart not hard.